House of Hortências

For your holidays we have the perfect rustic house waiting for you in S. Miguel, in Azores.

A“HOUSE OF HORTÊNSIAS”, has four rooms, seven beds, 3 bathrooms, is located on the civil parish of Fenais da Luz, In Ponta Delgada, at 1 km of Batalha Golf Camp.

In your paradise fortress you are completely confortable, your next door neighbor is at 300m away.


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Located on the center of São Miguel Island, near the foot of the mountain of Água do Pau, the distances to get to “CASA DAS HORTÊNSIAS” or to this three parts of the island – Ponta DelgadaLagoa, e Ribeira Grande, – and to Vila Franca do Campo, are excelent, namely, 10 minuts to Ribeira Grande; 10 minuts to Ponta Delgada; 10 minuts to Lagoa; 10 minuts to Vila Franca.


Beyond the proximity of the main population enter of the island, deserves a special spotlight the quality of the access to “HOUSE OF HORTÊNSIAS” is served by the best streets on the island, this allows bigger proximity to the best places on the island.


“HOUSE OF HORTÊNSIAS” is lotected on the foot of the Mountain of Água do Pau, thats hosts one of the most beautiful lakes of the planet: “LAGOA DO FOGO”, that is just 10 minuts away on a relaxing road trip.


With the starting point from “HOUSE OF HORTÊNSIAS” you have waiting a paradise surrounded by natural beauties suprises ,and diversed activities that will mark the Azores on your memory forever.


The House of Hortências is open all year to travelers from over the world, come with your family and discover the azores, the House of Hortências daily price is 100€ / night from 1 November to 31 March, 150€/ night from 1 April to 31 May, 200€/ night from 1 June to 31 June, 250€/ night from 1 July to 31 July and 300€/ night from 1 August to 31 August. Minimum 3 nights and max ocupation is 8 people. Check the full house rules in the booking page.